Ericka is a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and PROUD military spouse. She has six years of experience assisting families in reaching their parenting and breastfeeding goals.

Ericka started her career as a Labor and Delivery nurse but soon left the traditional nursing role for a new position as a nutrition and breastfeeding counselor for military families stationed overseas in Germany. She quickly realized helping moms and babies was her calling, and started her path toward becoming an IBCLC. In San Antonio, Texas, she opened her company Milk Mojo to assist families experiencing breastfeeding difficulties.

After a high-risk pregnancy, Ericka delivered a feisty baby boy. Due to his small size and prematurity he had to spend a short time in the NICU and receive breastmilk feedings with a tube down his nose. After overcoming some early breastfeeding difficulties, he is now a healthy and thriving (breastmilk loving) baby. The experience helped Ericka understand first hand the challenges NICU families face when trying to advocate to provide breastmilk for their babies.

Ericka's passion is helping families learn how to make educated decisions that will make a positive impact on their health and wellness. She is devoted to providing family-friendly care and is excited to now be able to serve families in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


My personal approach

EVERY PARENT deserves to have the support of a well-qualified breastfeeding specialist. My Bachelors Degree's in both Biology and Nursing, as well as my certification as an IBCLC and RN have prepared me to be YOUR Lactation Consultant. I strive to provide families with compassionate, evidence-based care to contribute positively to your breastfeeding journey and your CONFIDENCE as parent.

EVERY FAMILY wants their child to be as HAPPY and healthy as possible and how babies are fed in the first hours after birth has a HUGE impact on overall wellness. Breast milk is the OPTIMAL probiotic and prebiotic food for infants and it provides optimal nutrition for them to grow into healthy adults. A mother's milk provides the ideal environment for bifidobacteria (the most important species of beneficial gut bacteria) to grow. There is really no way to improve the nutrition that breast milk provides for infants. When it comes to providing breast milk for your baby, you, like many parents may be overwhelmed with information about how to get started out right on your journey to successful breastfeeding.

YOU will have specific set of needs when it comes to your families health. This is why I offer my services in the group setting as well as well as in the comfort of your own home or office. Pediatricians and Pediatric Dentists also recognize the benefits of Lactation Consultants and because of this, I plan to partner with local doctors and dentists in the Colorado Springs area to provide services within their practice. I believe that a therapeutic partnership means learning about the uniqueness of your family and TOGETHER working to find the approach that works best for YOUR FAMILY. Let's get together and talk about how we can meet the needs of your growing family.

The Milk Mojo Philosophy

- Babies were born to breastfeed and mother's bodies know how to provide perfect nutrition for their growing child.

- Parenting is a partnership, by including your spouse and learning together, you grow together.

- We support YOUR decisions for YOUR family, but we hope that when you seek our services, you're willing to listen to our ideas.

- We believe that parents help their infants have calm, organized behaviors by responding to the babies cues.

- All children have the right to be held closely, loved unconditionally and taught with great patience.

- We believe in the Division of Responsibility in Feeding: That parents provide the structure, support and opportunities to eat and the children decide  whether to eat at that time and how much is right for their body.

- We believe in empowering women to become CONFIDENT MOMS and raise HAPPY BABIES.

- We believe in doing the best you can with what you have but that every mom deserves to get knowledgeable support they need to find their Milk Mojo!

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The greatest joy is nursing one’s own baby. The second greatest is helping another woman to nurse hers.
— Norma Woolf Ritter, IBCLC and Founding member of Breastfeeding USA
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