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I personally believe that you don't need any extra products for breastfeeding to be successful! With that being said, there are some tools that moms tell me are really useful in making their breastfeeding journey easier. If you feel like a certain product might benefit you, I recommend scheduling an appointment with me so that we can find the best item to suit your needs. I sometimes have sample products I can bring to the visit for you to explore before you purchase as well.

If there is a product you love that I don't have listed, please contact me so I can learn more.

Milk Mojo Trusted, Mom-Approved Products

Tropical Traditions Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is so nourishing when used as a baby lotion or pregnant belly cream and a little goes a long way. Research shows that HIGH-QUALITY coconut oil , has anti-fungal properties as strong as medications a doctor can prescribe. Its no wonder that moms say it does wonders for diaper rash, sore nipples and thrush. When it comes to skin care, I like the Gold Label but the Organic Expeller-Pressed  is also great choice because it is refined to remove many of the coconut proteins. Coconut oil has nutritional benefits as well, so don't be afraid to substitute it in your cooking.

 Tropical Traditions is a brand with a great reputation for making HIGH-QUALITY coconut oil. Orders can be made on their website and they also sell the 32oz Gold Label virgin coconut oil on Amazon.

Thorne Reseach Prenatal Vitamin (also for lactating women):

When l was looking for a high-quality prenatal vitamin, I asked Beth Danowsky, Registered Dietitian and owner of Healthy by Design which brand she used for herself and for her clients. She told me about Thorne Research and said that she trusted the research and quality behind their supplements. Thorne products are ONLY available from a health care provider, and though you can find them on Amazon, you are not guaranteed that you will get what you are paying for. I personally used their products during my pregnancy and continue to do so now.

By using the link below to purchase, you are getting access to verified Thorne products so you can order DIRECT from the company and avoid fraud or tampering. If you are interested in other products besides prenatal vitamins feel free to send me a message for a link as well.

If you use my provider number, HCP1104176, to set up an account so you can order DIRECT from the company and avoid fraud or tampering.

Here are the simple steps to create a secure account:

1. Go to the website at
2. Click on “login”
3. Enter HCP1101069 into “personal account” and then click “submit”
4. Fill out the “create a new account: Consumer”
5. Check the “I agree” box and click “Create Account”


This brand makes their products with certified organic herbs and free of synthetic or artificial ingredients. As with any medications, speak to your doctor before taking any supplements. Ask me about sample items!

Sunlight exposure in newborns may help prevent vitamin D deficiency and rickets but current literature from American Academy of Pediatrics state that it is very difficult to determine what is adequate sunlight exposure for an individual breastfed. It is recommended that breastfed babies be supplemented with 400 IU per day of a vitamin D. Carlson labs has a product that is sugar free, corn free, gluten free, wheat free, tasteless, and odorless. One drop perday is all that is needed. The company says they perfected the product to ensure each drop is measured perfectly. Most moms find that the easiest way to administer the supplement is by putting the drop on the nipple before nursing.

MyBreastfriend Nursing Pillows:

While there are other more popular brands on the market, moms who try this pillow love it because it offers superior back support and firmness plus comes with a nifty side-pocket. I personally used this pillow often and felt like it gave my arms and back such relief. I also love that they have an organic option!


Try the Twins Plus Deluxe nursing pillow





Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra:






These products consistently get good reviews from moms because it is comfortable and has many options to adjust its fit to a unique and ever-changing bust. For many mother's exclusive pumping or going back to work, freeing up your hands for other tasks gives you more time for other tasks.


Soft organic cotton washable nursing pads that come in thin for use during the day and thick for nighttime use. They also have soothing therapy pillows that can be put in the freezer or microwave depending on your preference.

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