Group Classes

In addition to private classes in your own home, I also offer in-depth group classes for expecting families. These classes go over many of the challenges a breastfeeding family may face in order to overcome lactation hurdles.

Whether you are a first time parent or it has been a while since you've had a new baby in the house, I offer a variety of classes to get you ready!

I strive to make my classes as fun and informative as possible so that you can get the most out of our time together.

Healthcare providers, if you are interested in holding pregnancy or breastfeeding classes taught by a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, contact me so we can discuss developing a class that meets your practices needs.

Classes Offered

Newborn baby breastfeeding

Getting Breastfeeding Started off Right: Designed to give you more information than what a typical first time breastfeeding class offers. We go in-depth to discuss normal infant behaviors in those critical early days. As a former Labor and Delivery nurse, I will present ways you can advocate for yourself and your baby in the hospital setting and how to spot a "booby trap". I'll teach you about different breast and nipple shapes and sizes and give you the secret to getting a good latch and preventing sore nipples. After taking this class, you will be confident in your ability to know that your baby is getting enough milk and the keys to preventing low milk supply.

photo courtesy of the lewis family

photo courtesy of the lewis family


The Working Breastfeeding Mom: Smart scheduling strategies for breastfeeding moms who will return to work and want to ensure that their baby continues to get their precious breast milk. We will focus on breast milk storage guidelines, breast pump information, choosing the right bottles and other pumping equipment, how to effectively pump and legislation that protects the breastfeeding mother returning to work. I'll give you information to provide your baby's daycare provider to help them understand how to handle your breast milk and how the breastfeed baby differs from a formula fed infant. Ideally you'll attend either prenatally or at least 3 weeks before returning to work. Babies are of course more than welcome to attend.

Photo courtesy of breastfeeding family, the lewis'

Photo courtesy of breastfeeding family, the lewis'

Just for DAD: Babies, Beer and Breastfeeding: I'm always amazed by how interested dads are to learn about pregnancy, parenting and how their child is fed. I have also learned that there are times when they aren't eager to ask questions with their partner in the same room. That is why I created a breastfeeding class that is "Just for DAD." Where he feels safe asking questions that will assist him on his journey to becoming an awesome dad. Now for the fun part, what better way for dad to learn about breastfeeding and babies than with a beer in his hand. We focus on information to help dad understand breastfeeding, how his partners body changes to nourish a growing child, the emotional journey parents overtake and how to decipher the mixed messages that mom may be sending. We discuss why breast milk is the best thing for moms and babies, ways for dad to help with a breastfed baby, and dispel common baby myths. And yes dad, your first beer is on me!

Introducing solids to a baby. baby eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

Introducing Solids, Making Your Own Baby Food and Weaning:

As a Registered Nurse and child nutrition counselor, I will help you navigate through information about when to start solids, what to start with, and key nutrients required for healthy breastfed babies. We will discuss the Division of Responsibility by child nutrition expert Ellyn Satter, MS, RDN, MSSW and you will learn that raising healthy eater is about so much more than just food. With this information, your child will grow up to have a healthy relationship with food and their body. I'll give you tips that not only save you money but give your baby healthier food than what you might buy on a baby food isle. I'll bring my recipe box packed with healthy recipes perfect for babies and easy for parents. We will review the different types of baby weaning, the right time to wean and how to wean. Please feel free to bring your little one. This class is ideal for all parents, even if your child has already started solid foods, and features ample time for questions. The best time to book this class is when your baby is 2-3 months old.

If you are interested in attending or holding a group class, please contact me to find out about upcoming dates.