What an IBCLC can do for your practice

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International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are the only healthcare professional with an International certification in lactation and breastfeeding management.

Lactation Consultants increase breastfeeding rates and outcomes: IBCLCs provide skills from routine management of breastfeeding to high-risk care.

Enhance your practices image: Having a Lactation Consultant available in your office (whether in-office or by referral) improves the offices image as a breastfeeding friendly practice. This can be particularly helpful in increasing your breastfeeding patient base.  

Promote  patient satisfaction and trust: When breastfeeding families reach their lactation goals, patient satisfaction with the healthcare team improves. We can assist you and your staff to provide consistent and knowledgeable breastfeeding support, enhancing your patients trust in the healthcare team.

International Lactation Consultant Association. (June 2011) Position Paper on the Role and Impact of the IBCLC. Retrieve page

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Ericka patenaude, bsn, rn, ibclc, rlc- click here to read more about ericka

Ericka patenaude, bsn, rn, ibclc, rlc- click here to read more about ericka

Providing breastfeeding support takes time. Collaboration with an IBCLC can help you save more of yours, while increasing your practices bottom line.

Effective lactation support is time intensive, with an average consult lasting one hour. It is challenging to accommodate for these appointments when your time is at a premium. When you collaborate with a Lactation Consultant it not only ensures that your families receive the breastfeeding support they need but is also a way to increase your practice revenue by providing a service that is payable by insurance.

Milk Mojo is available to work with your patients for in-office consultations, group classes, and for home visit referrals. We strive to offer our patient's competent evidence-based care that leaves parents feeling confident about their ability to care for their baby.

Milk Mojo can be an asset to your office by:

  • Refining breastfeeding protocols to ensure office efficiency
  • Providing evidence based care plans
  • Giving pre- and postnatal education
  • Performing latch and feeding assessments
  • Giving direct assistance to mothers experiencing difficulties
  • Assisting with telephone triage for breastfeeding concerns
  • Following-up with breastfeeding mothers
  • Performing weight checks for babies
  • Instructing mothers about milk expression, safe storage, and alternate feeding methods.
  • Providing breastfeeding education to office staff

Lactation evaluation and management includes:

  • Maternal, infant, birth and feeding history
  • Physical examination of maternal nipples and breasts
  • Infant oral, facial and suck assessment
  • Feeding observation
  • Problem assessment
  • Management plan and patient education

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Nurturing the health of growing families

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You can trust that your patient's care is in the hands of a qualified breastfeeding expert.

Ericka Patenaude

Educational background:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Oklahoma.
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Central Oklahoma
  • More than 1000 hours of lactation clinical experience
  • Over 100 hours of education in human lactation and breastfeeding 
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Practical experience:

  • RN office manager
  • Labor and Delivery RN
  • Nutrition and breastfeeding educator for infants and children
  • Medical-Surgical RN
  • Oncology/Transplant RN
  • Triage RN
  • Medical assistant in MD office
  • IBCLC since 2014

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Ericka Patenaude

What is an IBCLC

Home visits

Group classes


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Email: info@milkmojo.com Call/Text: 210.251.7452          Fax: 720.316.7833

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Flexible Provider Relationships Designed to Meet Your Practice Needs

We offer in-office consultations as an independent contractor in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Having a Lactation Consultant on-staff promotes a longer duration of breastfeeding but it may not be feasible for your office to staff a full-time IBCLC. Based on your practice demographics, working with you and your staff, we can come up with a partnership plan that benefits your entire staff.

  • Flexible in-office hours with options ranging from half a day per week to multiple days per week.
  • "Incident to provider" billing is an option under many providers including MD, DO, DC, PA and CNM. With incident to billing, IBCLCs provide a lactation consult jointly with a licensed provider and the cost of care is then communicated to insurance plans under the provider. Visits may also be billed as an RN visit although reimbursement tends to be lower for this option.
  • Ericka has helped many mother-infant dyads achieve positive results in situations such as latch and feeding difficulties, breast pain/nipple trauma, recurrent plugged ducts and mastitis, breastfeeding multiples, previous breast surgeries, supplementing, returning to work, exclusive pumping, introduction to solids and weaning.

Please contact Milk Mojo by phone at 210-251-7452 or email at info@milkmojo.com to discuss the particular needs of your practice and your the options to utilize the services we provide. I would be happy to meet with your billing manager to discuss incident to billing.

Referrals for lactation care

Milk Mojo is available to meet your families in their own homes for private consultations either pre- or postnatally. Many mothers find that home visits relieve the stressors of traveling with a newborn and enjoy being in the comfort of their own home. Our convenient referral pads allow you to easily refer patients you identify as benefiting from additional breastfeeding support. When your patient contacts me an appointment will be offered to them for the same or next day availability. Click here to learn more about the care your families will receive in a home visit. Contact Milk Mojo to request a referral pad for your office and discuss your practice objectives.

*office visits available at discounted rates

Breastfeeding challenges we can help solve

  • Sore, cracked nipples and/or breast pain
  • Baby weight gain
  • Milk supply problems
  • Tongue tie and or lip tie
  • Jaundice
  • Gassy or fussy baby
  • Breast refusal
  • Thrush, plugged ducts, and mastitis
  • Twins and higher order multiples
  • Premature baby
  • How to choose the right breast pump
  • Maternal back pain from nursing
  • Herbal remedies and medication safety
  • Augmentation/reduction
  • Relactation or dried up milk
  • Breastfeeding an adopted infant
  • Cleft lip and/or palate
  • Cardiac or surgical issues
  • Genetic issues and syndromes
  • Insufficient glandular tissue
  • Neurological issues

Staff education on lactation management

Staff education

By providing your staff with a strong foundation to care for breastfeeding families, you ensure parents continue to return to your office for their child's health care. The strength of your team depends on training efforts to help staff understand the science behind lactation and how to apply best-practice measures. Even after attending a large well known University for nursing school, I found that training on breastfeeding education was minimal or absent in the academic program.

Don't let your well-meaning staff unknowingly sabotage your best efforts at helping breastfeeding families. If you would like to provide your staff with education on breastfeeding friendly practices and increase your customer satisfaction, contact us to develop a training plan unique to your office.

prenatal breastfeeding class

Group Classes

In addition to private classes in a patient's home, we also offer in-depth breastfeeding group classes for expecting families. These classes go over many of the challenges a breastfeeding family may face in order to overcome lactation hurdles. We strive to make our classes as fun and informative as possible so that we can get the most out of our time together. If you are interested in holding pregnancy or breastfeeding classes taught by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, contact us so we can discuss developing a class to promote breastfeeding success in your practice.

Classes currently offered:

  • Getting Breastfeeding Started Off Right
  • The Working Breastfeeding Mom
  • Just for DAD
  • Introducing Solids, Making Your Own Baby Food and Weaning

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