HELP! My breastfed baby won't take a bottle.

Breastfeeding baby with bottle

So... breastfeeding is well established and you waited the recommended 3-6 weeks (or longer) to introduce a bottle to your breastfed baby. Yay! But now you are pulling your hair out and wondering if your baby will EVER take one? Maybe you are even going back to work soon and are starting to panic. Have no fear! The MILKlady is here. Here are my 10 best tips for introducing a bottle to your breastfed baby.

1.    Check the flow. Is the nipple flow too fast and overwhelming your baby? If so, find a nipple with a smaller hole so your baby can take the milk at his own pace.

2.    Try PACED BOTTLE FEEDING to slow down the flow. Breastfed baby’s are used to milk they have to work for and they don’t like it when milk comes squirting out of some nipple they aren’t even used to.

3.    Avoid cradle hold or whatever hold you usually use when breastfeeding. This helps baby not associate bottle feeding with nursing.

4.    Before offering the bottle, run the bottle nipple under warm water to make it "skin temperature."

5.   Try standing and offering the bottle while walking around. Of course, watch out for trip hazards.

6.    Try wrapping the bottle in a t-shirt with mom’s scent.

7.    Ask someone else to offer the bottle besides mom. Your partner, mother or friend may just be the kryptonite you need.

8.    Watch for EARLY HUNGER CUES and don't wait until your baby is overly fussy. If you are past that point, try nursing for a few minutes first then switching to the bottle so baby isn't overly hungry.

9.    Don't forget a baby taking milk in a bottle needs cuddles too. Hold him closely and securely and give her lots of eye contact.

10.    If all else fails, contact an IBCLC for ALTERNATE FEEDING METHODS.

All the Breast,

the MILK lady