Why choose an IBCLC?

While there are a number of other lactation credentials that exist, IBCLC is the only international accreditation specializing in lactation care.

  • IBCLC certification requires thousands of hours of direct contact with moms and babies, specifically helping them breastfeed
  • IBCLC's pass a rigorous exam that demonstrates competency in lactation and breastfeeding management
  • IBCLC's are required to keep their knowledge current by recertifying by examination or continuing education every five years

IBCLC Registry

IBLCE is the only credentialing body for IBCLC's.  To be sure your lactation consultant is board certified and that you are getting what you pay for, use the link below to search for their name.

IBCLC Look-up

Find me by searching for: Ericka Stursa-Patenaude

Why Choose a Private Practice IBCLC?

Being outside of the scope of a hospital based lactation center means flexibility of practice and less restriction on appointment times. Often times a private practice IBCLC is able to focus more time and attention on a mom and baby to solve breastfeeding problems. A private practice IBCLC also:

  • Collaborates with other members of the healthcare team
  • Educates families, healthcare providers and policy makers about the value of breastfeeding
  • Uses evidence based information to care for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Empowers parents to make their own decisions

Other Lactation Credentials

Some of the other professional breastfeeding credential's require only a week of training in order to be certified. While this is a great stepping stone into a career as a lactation consultant, it simply isn't enough training to deal with specialized situations that often arise when counseling breastfeeding families.

A source of confusion for parents is that the term "lactation consultant" isn't reserved for IBCLC's alone. This could also be a term that a person taking a short course on breastfeeding uses to describe themselves. Do your research and find our more about the title the breastfeeding  professional you are seeking holds.

Levels of Lactation Support